Created by https://github.com/NotHubris Features: PUT IN YOUR AUTO EXECUTE
Mt. Everest Climbing Roleplay – Auto Climb
After activating this script it will automatic climb…
The Spinner
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					repeat wait() until game:IsLoaded()
Fruits = {
"Human: Buddha Fruit",
"Bird: Phoenix Fruit",
"Rumble Fruit",
"Paw Fruit",
"Gravity Fruit",
"Dough Fruit",
"Control Fruit",
"Venom Fruit",
"Shadow Fruit",
"Dragon Fruit" ,
"Soul Fruit",
"Leopard Fruit"

Valuable = {"Dough Fruit","Shadow Fruit","Venom Fruit","Control Fruit","Dragon Fruit","Soul Fruit","Leopard Fruit"} ------ it will stop the script if you got this fruit
Webhook = "" --------------------------------Optional
Store = true  --------------------------------Auto Store after it got the fruit
Safeplace = true ----------------------------- Safeplace 
Repeat = true --------------------------------- Repeat continues hopping
WaitTime = 10 ---------------------------------------------------- Set time how much time does the script execute higher number means slow but will not bug out For Synapse only