Car Crushers 2

Car crushers 2 is the perfect game when you just feel like destroying stuff for fun! Smash your car in one of 44 different crushers, play demolition derby against other players, nuke the whole server while escaping to safety or just drive around for fun. The game currently features over 200 unlockable vehicles with content added regulary!

🔷 Join the group to access blue-marked vehicles in-game: 

Update 39 Changelog:
🚘 Added 9 new vehicles (Including exclusive ones)
🏆 Added Achievements, which provide rare rewards including:
    • 6 Exclusive vehicles
    • 5 New titles
    • 7 New badges
📋 Added Daily Missions that provide Mission Points
⭐ Added Points shop, where you can buy exclusive cars & Currency Boosters
💰 Added inventory for Currency boosters
🥇 All old badges now appear as achievements too
🏵️ All Titles and Chat colors now look better
🔧 Added major lag optimizations





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