GUI – AutoFarm, Auto Open Pets & more!

Updated for Hardcore mode. Auto Golden/Rainbow max number is now 10. Auto Dark Matter max number is now 8. Fixed Stat Tracker Fixed Dark Matter Time Remaining

GUI [Cloud Hub] – Auto Farm, Chest Farm & More!

Functions: Normal autofarm, multu autofarm , nearest autofarm , chest autofarm , Highest value autofarm. Speed hack, jump power , crash server, auto collect orbs , bags and gifts. Auto open eggs and open every gui. Anti lag and a lot of else functions.

Mastery AutoFarm

Pet Simulator X. 1. Make sure you have lots of gems and the fantasy world unlocked. 2. Rename a non-exclusive, non-mythical, non-gift pet to “Caroline” 3. Run the script and enjoy

GUI [MoonLight Hub] – AutoFarm, Machines and more!

This new script for Pet Simulator X coming with functions like AutoFarm and more! You can support creator of this script by joining on their server: You can check their Script Game Status, you will see where you can use this script.

Pet Simulator X

💰 Earn coins! 🥚 Open eggs! 😺 Collect pets! ✨ Enchant and upgrade! 🗺️ Unlock worlds! ✔️ Trade pets! Currently 1,000+ pets to collect! 🐾 🔔 Follow for game updates! 🔔 🧡 Made by Preston